OpenTAS RDM (Replenishment & Distribution Management)


OpenTAS® RDM (Replenishment & Distribution Management) as a special solution for oil logistic contributes to intelligent industry-specific procedures. It offers all the functionalities to optimize and automate the complete service station supply. This leads to higher performance and quality and minimizes logistic expenses.
Order Taking
Orders placed on time, ensure on time delivery. Two factors influencing the right moment to place an order are the available stocks and the forecasted sales. Thanks to its integrated approach, OpenTAS RDM offers exactly the flexibility that is needed for effective order taking.

Planning & Optimization
Whether manually entered or automatically conveyed from the OpenTAS ASR module, the challenge now is to carry the order out as efficiently as possible. The TDO functionality (Truck Dispatch Optimizer) offers the optimal system support. It ensures that the personnel and the vehicles are employed in the best possible manner.

Execution: Onboard Computer / PDA
The route planning generated by the OpenTAS module TDO is transmitted electronically to the driver's PDA. In this way the driver has an overview of upcoming tasks.

During reconciliation OpenTAS checks, sorts and enriches the data before connecting it to the SAP business workflow.
Standard reports are provided via the OpenTAS report engine; additional customer specific reports can be created. The results are provided in real-time & in various formats.

Benefits of OpenTAS RDM at a glance

  • Increased quality of planning
  • Continuous generation and re-assessment of replenishment orders
  • Smooth execution due to strong integration
  • Reduced number of process disruptions
  • Increased customer service level
  • Reduced safety stocks and inventory carrying costs in stations
  • Full visibility = high reactivity
  • Integrated end-to-end landscape
  • Minimized infrastructure costs
  • Less exceptions requiring manual intervention
  • Reduction of human error and effort

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