OpenTAS NET (Net Production)

With OpenTAS® NET (Net Production) you always have an overview of the net production in your refinery. The system analyzes the tank stocks as well as input and output. The product flow is calculated from these measurements; reports show you the exact daily, weekly and monthly balance. This pragmatic approach delivers comprehensive, easily accessible and fast results.
OpenTAS and SAP - a Perfect Team
The OpenTAS system and with it the OpenTAS Net Production module work together with your SAP solution in a highly integrated way.

OpenTAS and Refinery Mass Balance Software
Under no circumstances does OpenTAS Net Production replace a refinery mass balance software – and vice versa! Both systems are geared towards different tasks and complement each other.


Benefits of OpenTAS Net Production at a glance

  • Distinct increase in the information quality for the supply and sales team
  • Transaction security; cancellations and new postings processed according to accounting department rules
  • OpenTAS' high level of integration with SAP and a refinery mass balance software
  • Calculation of data for quantity and finance accounting in record time
  • Bridging the gap between the commercial and technical worlds
  • Standard tool which is continuously developed
  • Quickly accessible results
  • User-friendly
  • SAP systems relieved
  • Very current results
  • Cumulative display, flexible, self-correcting
  • Certified interface
  • Extensive possibilities for automation


With OpenTAS Net Production you receive a flexible and efficient instrument to optimally control refinery production, complete with certified SAP interfaces.
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