OpenTAS 5.0 – What is new?

Improved performance, greater fault tolerance, easier setup, more efficient operation, more user-friendly processes, better window layout, more standardized reports, support for the very latest hardware, ability to handle all of the latest customs/tax regulations, improved data communications, simpler administration, optimized automation, additional integration of peripherals – and MUCH more.

Some of the highlights of OpenTAS 5.0
  • Simplified tank terminal object management
  • User-defined program windows (customer-specific .NET development)
  • Support for EMCS 2.0
  • Report management in OpenTAS database
  • New set of standard processing reports
  • Management of OpenTAS BDP services integrated into OpenTAS client
  • Improved OpenTAS web terminal
  • Numerous improvements to OpenTAS Automation
  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems

What’s new in OpenTAS 5.0?The new release OpenTAS 5.0 offers you many great improvements and some entirely new functionality. In the following, we present an initial overview of the wealth of changes that have been made.

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