OpenTAS BDP (Business Data Processor)

OpenTAS® BDP (Business Data Processor) is an innovative system enabling high end & highly integrated BDP processes.

It can function as a stand-alone system that integrates the business processes of your field based systems (e.g. SCADA, TAS, Cardlock, etc.). Or it can integrate your field systems into your company’s ERP or another back-office system. OpenTAS BDP was especially developed for the Oil & Gas Industry.

What are the benefits of using OpenTAS BDP?

What does OpenTAS BDP do?
OpenTAS BDP has the ability to connect to any system that you currently use plus provides additional applications that you would like to implement to a back-office or ERP System of your choice.
It automatically pulls in the required data, checks it for accuracy and schedules it for appropriate delivery to the ERP or back-office system.
What are the system requirements?
OpenTAS BDP is designed in MS .Net™. It needs a Windows 2003/2008 server to run on and an Oracle Database 10g. It works together with any ERP System (SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc.) or back-office system (SAGE, SIEMENS, etc.).
For companies running on SAP, OpenTAS BDP can connect to any SAP System 3.1 or higher (this requires the RFC connection capability). If connected to an SAP ERP System, IS-Oil is not needed but normally used.
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