The Implico Group has delivered successful, intelligent distribution solutions for the following companies:

Oil & Gas





Förster GmbH


















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Waste Management & Recycling
  • AWM - Sanitation Department Munich (Success Story)
  • BSR - Sanitation Department Berlin
  • FES - Sanitation Department Frankfurt
  • MSE - Waste Water Department Munich
  • Sita/ Suez Environment
  • SRD  - Sanitation Department Dresden (Success Story)
  • SRHH - Sanitation Department Hamburg
  • TBR – Sanitation Department Reutlingen
  • Tönsmeier (Sucess Story 1 2 3)
  • Veolia

Implico Customer Quotes
"The propane industry historically has lagged in adopting new technology. Over the past year or two we reached a tipping point, where companies have realized that they can use technology as a strategic tool to get to that next level of customer service, safety and delivery efficiencies that everybody is striving for. Implico is expert in the oil and gas field.They have the subject matter expertise needed to accomplish the project that we are working on."
Rick Fabrizio, VP and CIO, Amerigas

“We decided in favor of SAP Oil and Gas Secondary Distribution due to the industry-specific experience of the consultants and developers who proved to have an intimate and in-depth knowledge of the oil industry, whilst the company's close collaboration with SAP AG was also a contributory factor. For us SAP Oil and Gas Secondary Distribution is a major asset.”

Jürgen Piel, Project Manager, Michel Mineralölhandel

"We had great confidence in the team's know-how, which went into the development of SAP Oil and Gas Secondary Distribution. It shows that the consultants really know their stuff."
Lutz Friedrich, Project Director, Thyssen Elf  Oil (T.E.O)

“We can’t afford and we don’t want our own IT-department. Now we have a standard system in a standardized data center, and that from one source. It was a particularly tight time-frame in which Implico realized an extremely complex project. The problems were always solved promptly, partially in night-work!”
Dr. Frank Götzelmann, Managing Director, Tyczka

“OpenTAS works very reliably and the maintenance costs have been significantly reduced. We are on time, on budget and have achieved a high level of quality.”
Erich Kuttenreich, Manager of the Loading Division, Petroplus Refinery Ingolstadt

“With the standard solution OpenTAS, Implico is clearly market leader.”
Jürgen Kolbe, IT Manager,  Total Refinery Mitteldeutschland GmbH (TRM)

“The project is proceeding positively. The biggest advantage: We now have an integrated system with all data in one overall system. That is a good thing – we will already see the benefits in the foreseeable future.”
Jörg Berwald, Head of Logistics, Coop Mineraloel in Allschwill

“Replacing five different systems with one unified IT landscape with integrated software, has significantly improved the processes and reduced the problems.”
Detlef Rühling, Head of IT, Total/EHO

“I can now schedule a maximum number of vehicles with the minimum amount of personnel. A good planner could previously manage six to ten vehicles; now he can handle up to 30 and present our operational business operations in a transparent manner.”
Holger Hannover , Head of the Competence Centre, Total/EHO

“Implico’s pragmatic approach was a great advantage. Also, the atmosphere within the project teams was very good.”
Jan Petersen, Project Manager, Total

“The new system was immediately accepted by our employees and our costs have been reduced.”
Helmut Zimmermann, Head of the Lubricants Division, Total

“In our opinion, Implico has an advantage of at least one and a half years over its
competitors in this market.”
Bernd Schäkel, Managing Director, Tönsmeier

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